Trading solutions introduction

A complex selection of improved modules especially adjusted for trading companies.

Modules introduction

Merchandise bookkeeping

The Merchandise bookkeeping module with invoicing is designed for trading, services and in combination with the production module, and also for production companies. Its main tasks are the purchase and sale of merchandise, produce and services, and keeping track of quantity and value during storage.
Merchandise bookkeeping entails the purchase, sale, stock, reverses, keeping track of the bookings into the invoice book, and the rest. It also enables the preparation of data for the preparation of reports for intrastate (statistical reports among the EU member states). 

Material bookkeeping

The Material bookkeeping module is a completion of the Merchandise bookkeeping module. Its primary function is to support simple production. It enables the entry of two kinds of work orders, work orders for one or more various products which are mainly used in production for a known buyer, when we don’t contain our own stock of products; and single work orders, for one product which is a simplified form of the previously described work order.

Cash register

This module is designed for entering and copying out the cash register income, an expenditure and cash register diary. It consists of a EUR and a foreign currency cash register; within each, you are able to track several independent cash registers (also suitable in the event that the company has several units or stores).

Sales commission

The Sales commission module enables tracking of the merchandise sold through sales commission. It enables the preparation of an intake, pro forma invoice and an invoice. The VAT is balanced with the discrepancy in the price which had occurred at sales.

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