Service solutions introduction

Service modules offer professional solutions for the effective management of all forms of business.

Modules introduction

Merchandise bookkeeping

The Merchandise bookkeeping module with invoicing is designed for trading, service, and in combination with the production module, also for production companies. Its main tasks are in the purchase and sale of merchandise, produce and services, and keeping track of quantity and value during storage.

Merchandise bookkeeping entails the purchase, sale, stock, reverses, booking into the invoice book monitoring, and the rest. It also enables the preparation of data for preparing reports for intrastate business (statistical reports among the EU member states).


The module enables simple business activities (with or without stock) and is designed for companies with a less extensive sale process. It enables a simple way of entering pro forma invoices, invoices for received prepayments and their use, and issuing invoices and credit notes.

Subscriber module

The Subscriber module is designed for publishers and it enables the management and tracking of all procedures connected to magazine and newspaper publishing. It enables the entry of subscribers and complete tracking of their subscriptions and payments, the preparation of the file for postal costs, determining the price lists and discount register… The export of all data is possible (subscribers, payments, postal orders, invoices…) to various formats; it is also distinguished because of its high level of automatization, for all actions such as prolonging subscriptions, the generation of postal orders and invoices, and payment recordings are fully automatic.

Service module

The Service module is designed for companies dealing with service activity and it supports two forms of this activity (also simultaneously) – classic service, where you, upon the buyer’s order, receive the apparatus for the service, and regular maintenance service in inspections, where you have a contract made for regular apparatus inspections.

Group work support module

The Group work support module entails several individual or mutually connected parts. It enables you to record events until their completion, the possibility of automatically registering phone calls, monitoring the time spent for individual tasks, counting the number of entered files, entries, salaries, etc.

Management module

The Management module is designed for companies which deal with managing multiple apartment buildings, business premises, garages and multi-storey car parks, …

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