Personnel management solutions introduction

See to effective, clear and advanced personnel management at the highest level. All information and decisions are within arm’s reach.

Module introduction

Personnel records, HRM

The Personnel records module is intended for monitoring the acquisition, behaviour and development of a company’s personnel. Aside from personnel, the preparation and development of an organizational scheme, taking into consideration each work position, are fully contained.

The module is divided into 2 levels. Personnel records as a basic package, enabling the arrangement of an organizational scheme, the systemization of work places, personnel management and data overview. The expanded package – HRM additionally offers, for an even more effective personnel management, quicker entries, additional inspections, competence records, educational records, a review over data changes, absence planning,…

Salaries and various payments

The Salaries module enables the calculation of salary balances under currently valid legislation, as well as the balance of other expenses, such as royalties, underlease contracts, attendance fees, leases, dividends, etc. The entire balance sheet is executed through preset formulas which can be adapted to the user’s needs and thus he/she may freely adjust the methodology of the balance sheet.

Working hours plan

The module for planning working hours is designed for companies that want to optimize the employees’ working hours, based on the needs of the working process. It is composed of 2 parts – plan and realization. The data about the employee’s planned working hours are entered into the plan, in the realization the employee’s actual daily working hours are entered.

Work orders

The module assures the automatic refreshment of the home and foreign daily travelling allowance code register, costs of an allowance for travel expenses and workers’ lunch compensations, and the balance of compensations based on the distance and the time interval, in accordance with the requirements of the Decree on the compensation of costs for business travel expenses, compensation of transport costs on business trips and the compensation of costs for business travel abroad.

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