OpPIS Client

A safe on-line application

OpPIS Client’s main functions

OpPIS Client enables the same line of work as its desktop variation but the execution of tasks is performed through the application server. It enables total control and simple management of the company’s data. The program enables balance sheet preparation, automatically entered into the computer module’s invoicing, where all the invoices are saved on the accounting service’s server and ready for automatic booking; users may also use a book for incoming mail and thus finishing half the work with booking the received bills.

On the basis of the mail book, they carry out their monetary transactions (possible also on the basis of opened items), booking the bank balance sheets (only the ledger) – OpPIS Client has a specific wizard which prevents user errors), overview of the open items, entering work hours and other data for salaries, on the basis of which an accounting service executes a balance sheet, out copies and transfer into e-Taxes, examines the business balance, especially the IPI and more.

Who is the OpPIS Client intended for?

The online version is an ideal solution for anyone who wishes to have all the data within arm’s reach. The program is intended for managers, who with its help can examine the data and keep records of the company’s results, as well as, for employees who are able to enter work orders, clearly and simply plan their leave etc.

Guaranteed safety and data protection

OpPIS Client isn’t an online application; it only uses the internet as a communication channel where all the data are safely stored on protected servers and not online. The work with the program is quick and it enables easy entry even of a larger amount of data. Setting the program is very simple.

Seven key advantages of OpPIS Client

  • the ability to track and enter data where ever and whenever
  • assuring services to multiple clients and simple management
  • all functions of the desktop program are included
  • essentially a quicker operation than the online applications
  • safe storage of data on the server and not on-line
  • easy setting
  • possibility of complex connections among multiple servers and clients

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