OpPIS - A complex support to your business

OpPIS® is a professional business-information system designed for providing complex and successful support to businesses with their business operations. It is constructed of mutually connected modules which enable professional solutions for accounting services, trade, construction, service, production and project-oriented companies and for public institutions.

OpPIS can be connected to different programming companies which have a completed transfer of issued, some also of received, invoices into the tax records, or only into financial books. Bookkeeping services businesses represent 43% of our clients; therefore there are many advanced operations, reports and tools that have been developed for their needs.

10 key advantages of the business-information system OpPIS

  • Excellent capture of data – each business event is recorded only once, when recording the attributes according to the VAT legislation, time delimitation and determination, exactly what is needed, tax acknowledged. All key code registers are in accordance with the regulations and can be refreshed or reused at any time (account plan, partners, exchange rates, interest due to delays in payments, intrastat code registers, cost compensation by order …).
  • It supports a paper-free office at all levels.
  • Easy data finding – from the highest level we can easily come to the root document and its picture.
  • Automatic transfer of monthly and annual reports to FURS and AJPES directly from the program.
  • User adjustable settings for entering menus and filters.
  • An application can easily be located for other legislation needs.
  • All code registers and data graphs can be exported and imported to Excel, pdf, XML.
  • It assures a quick and evident overview of business actions.
  • It uses all the technological advantages of the cloud, tablet, smart phone and internet connections.

OpPIS enables several options of settings and functions regarding the size and needs of the company:

  • Individual station – a computer which isn’t connected to other computers’ network. Due to the automatic updates, it is recommended that the computer has internet access.
  • Each with each– from 2 to 5 computers, connected into a local network. On one computer that can be used as a work station where the data base and application are located, others are only installed with the client to the base.
  • Server – customer – a classic net arrangement in which the data base and application are placed on the server and the working stations are only installed with the clients to the base.
  • Server – customer with an on-line customer – the same arrangement as in the previous description; here the OpPIS server communicates via the internet with on-line customers. With this arrangement data are obtainable from everywhere and at any time.

OpPIS solutions are adapted for:

  • accounting services,
  • trading companies,
  • construction companies,
  • service companies,
  • production companies,
  • project oriented companies,
  • public institutions.

Necessary software

Detailed information concerning the hardware and software equipment is available HERE.

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