Individual solutions introduction

The business models of companies and institutions differ; therefore it is necessary to prepare individual solutions for managing and analyzing the desired data which aside from quicker and easier work also bring competitive advantage. Together with the knowledge and demands of our clients we develop solutions and adjustments.

Eco fund

The application is intended for capturing obligations for authorized subventions and for creating an order of payment. After the realization of payment, correct entries of monetary flow are set and finished contracts are closed.

Belehar Air-Conditioning

The adaption enables the automatic activation and deactivation of the project. According to the material output, or at the entry of individual hours according to each project the program automatically offers the activation of a project, simultaneously when issuing an invoice for a selected project the program automatically offers the possibility of ending the project.

Habjan Transport

This solution enables the entry and tracking of vehicles (distance, date of upload, date of unload, …), and the costs forming during the route of each vehicle.

Public economic institution Rinka

We have set up an individual solution for a laundry washing business to track the acceptance and returns of laundry.

Karantanija Cinemas

Film distribution is a special module intended for film distributers. It enables managing movies and their screens, the entry of dates and schedule planners, invoice issuing and a balance review.


An individual solution for tracking collaborative work. The module enables tracking of material delivery to business collaborators, and the issuing of collaborative balance sheets and payment tracking.

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