Clients’ recommendations

The clients’ recommendations are written in alphabetical order.


Drago Martinjak, manager
Eurocom d.o.o.

» Eurocom has been using the OpPIS software since 2006. The programs, as well as services, have satisfied our expectations and made a big contribution to the successful operation of our company. What we most appreciate is the attitude, quick response, a high level of professionalism, adaptability, and the correct behaviour of the Opal company’s employees. «

Anica Rovanšek, who is deputy for the president of the management board
IMP, d.d.

» The IMP Ljubljana Group has been using the Škofja Loka based Opal d.o.o. company’s software equipment for ten years, for bookkeeping of business events and overseeing business operations. We first decided on their program in our central branch IMP, d.d. when we saw that their program was quite simple and, in addition, it could be used immediately without a time-consuming introduction; also their programmers were ready to instantly install into the existing program all the adaptations and adjustments needed to meet our special needs with overseeing investment operations. A very important point when choosing their program was given to the fact that they had been giving us an assured, always available assistance in troubleshooting.
Due to their creativity, they were able to develop and supplement their programs, and thus enabled their clients a constantly improved record keeping and business overview, in addition they adapted their application in due course to changing directions, which enabled users to prepare on time all the data and reports for AJPES, DURS, Bank of Slovenia and other institutions. These facts strengthened our belief that the decision to choose the ‘OpPIS’ programs by Opal d.o.o. was good and the correct action to take. For the future we wish further growth in development for their technical team and to the company as a whole, and an ongoing good business. «

Marija Ravnik, a top lecturer and manager of the Institute for Accountants
Inštitut za računovodstvo

» I have been working with the Opal company from the beginning. When my colleagues from the lines of accounting had to make their final accounts manually; they were inscribing and rewriting a pile of numbers into preprinted forms in a precisely defined square. I didn’t have to do that because Opal’s program did it for me. We were ahead of the others. And it is still the same today; Opal’s group of experts are ahead of the others in the computer and economic field. I am proud of them and congratulate them for their development. «

Marica Grm, head of the financial accounting service
Kopitarna Sevnica d.d.

» We are proud to say that the beginning of our cooperation in the accounting field dates back as far as the year 1995. During this time we have even expanded our cooperation in the information field. The programs are user-friendly and above all reliable which is today absolutely crucial. We are a production company, so for us the compatibility of programs and servicing our specific requirements in the field of overseeing and keeping a record of production is very important. We wish the company even more wise decisions with their future development. «

Mitja Kosterov, manager
Lermani d.o.o.

» We have been working with Opal since the year 1995 because of their skill, kindness, responsiveness and readiness to assist at any time. To us, as well as to our clients, their program solutions have in all this time offered a complete functional support. We are a totally satisfied user of their information system OpPIS and we would recommend it to anyone who needs top-quality and reliable software. We wish the Opal company every success in their further development and that they continue with their positive energy! «

Alenka Fic Mikolič, head of general affairs
Mikrocop d.o.o.

» We have been successfully using the OpPIS program for more than 10 years. It satisfies our needs and is in accordance with legal requirements; we have been supplementing it with new functions recently, and lastly we have upgraded it with the information system OLAP which enables us a clear and simple review of data.
The co-workers at Opal are reactive; they offer us good professional support and give us advice about additional functions in the program. «

Mira Cvetkovič Tibaut, head of accounting
Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane

» Working with Opal’s OpPIS program is both a joy and a challenge. We have been using it in our public institution since 2007. We use it for accounting, in a shop and a coffee shop. With it we keep track of all sorts of records. Every beginning is a bit tough but with the great support from Opal’s employees the configurations were successfully and efficiently set. Now, after we had got to know the program better, we can also use options for various records and reports. Help is also always available in the right time. We wish the OpPIS program lots of success and even more users. «

Jerneja Škaper, manager
RAST Kočevje d.o.o.

» Working with Opal’s program is a pleasure, as well as working with Opal’s team who supports us in case of anything we don’t understand; it is also essential that the team keeps up with the changes in legislation and upgrades their programs in time. Goethe’s opinion that accounting was the prettiest invention of humanity, is actually realized with Opal’s program. «

Mojca Zidar, deputy manager
Simič & partnerji d.o.o.

» Information support to specific business procedures represents an evasive equation with several unknowns for every manager. The Opal company has been our reliable partner since we started with distrustful uncertainty to search for offers on the market and to look for cost/benefit solutions. After a decade of experience, the correctness of our decision has been confirmed by – our profound cooperation and joint planning of solutions which are brought about by new challenges. Information presented in an accurate and balanced manner significantly affects our every-day business decisions, when we are choosing from a complex mass of information, a vision among exaggerated predictions and effective practical solutions. «

Karmen Rugani, bookkeeper
Slovenska filharmonija

» We have been working with the staff at Opal since the year 2000 and in all these years our cooperation has been excellent. Their expertise and creativeness in the field of program solutions, as well as content solutions, and their knowledge of legislation in the field of finances and accounting in public institutions have helped us many times with our work. The program itself is easy to work with, clear, understandable and in the meantime it enables you to keep track of all the possible records and reports necessary for AJPES, FURS, the MINISTRIES…
Opal’s employees are extremely self-sacrificing and pleasant – they are always ready to help you with anything, even if that something isn’t exactly their work.
We recommend the choice of OpPIS! «

Božena Macarol, tax and business advisor
Studio Macarol

» What is the basic goal for every manager of a modern accounting service? Certainly, at first he/she wants to impress his/her clients with quality and up-to-date accounting information, and secondly to make a profit in the shortest time possible. I can guarantee with certainty that without a modern accounting program, reaching these goals would be impossible. Therefore, I always advise my clients – the accounting services, to buy OpPIS, for with it they gain a modern, user-friendly accounting information system which enables paper free communication between the client and the service, paper free bookkeeping and preparation of various reports for internal and external clients’ needs. A very valuable tool for accountants are the many check points which are integrated into the program which enable a quick search for errors and their elimination.
And what is the basic competitive advantage of Opal compared to other computer businesses? Aside from the excellent OpPIS software Opal has also an exceedingly skilled and pleasant team, who give their users first class technical and professional support. I haven’t yet found a better accounting program on the Slovene market; therefore I warmly recommend it to anyone considering a renewal of business processes in their service «

Valentina Premrl, manager
Taxa d.o.o.

» We decided to use the OpPIS software in May 2005. The clear and understandable programs; the rapid reaction time of Opal’s staff, adjusting to new regulations, with tools which simplify our daily work and help to successfully satisfy our clients’ needs and enable our company’s further growth. This speaks in favour of our decision to choose OpPIS. «

Miran Pikovnik, president of a management board
UNIJA računovodska hiša d.d.

» The accounting business Unija d.d. has been using the business information system OpPIS since its establishment in 2003. The solution is perfectly suited for use in accounting services, being aware of the importance of advanced program solutions in connection with the development of the information society. The program is of good quality, modern and of course compatible with the legislation. Technical support, informing and education are also assured. We have found the use of the managing information system t.i. the OLAP inspections particularly exciting, for in great measure they assure accounting information which is crucial for the users of our services. The Team support is also often used, for it is a constituent part of our business process and it coincides with our organization culture. «

Jure Grajzar
Venera shop d.o.o.

» Venera shop d.o.o. has been using the OpPIS software since the year 2007. We can rate Opal and their software as very good; the programs are clear, simple and user-friendly.
Quick responsiveness with troubleshooting, considering our needs when upgrading programs and the employees’ kindness and readiness to help, are just a few reasons why we recommend cooperation with the company to others. «

Tatjana Zadravec, manager
Zadravec d.o.o.

» The Opal staff are simply:
Absolutely reliable
Loving. «

They trust us