About the company

The Opal company is a family company. Including the 2nd generation we have been developing and selling our own software, designed for the management and overview of a company’s business actions for 25 years. After having an initial idea and a clear vision of what we wanted to offer our clients, years of effort, intensive development and creating modern, individual based solutions followed.
With each new client we gained more priceless feedback and we have been continuously upgrading and improving the software. At the same time the number of solutions has also grown and we are today able to cover and assure everything needed by a public institution, or a modern company dealing with services, trade, production, construction, publishing…
With a high level of quality services, a clear business strategy, values and following innovations in the field of accountancy and computer sciences, we have gained the trust and respect of several clients, assuring them from a single source education, advice, and total individual support. 


We wish to become one of the leading providers of software for business management suiting all kinds of organizations in the Slovene area and also in the future, with our high recognizability and quality, spread our business to foreign markets.


The company is divided into the department for development and the department for technical support, with the intention to reach the highest quality of provided services.

Formal company data from the registry:

Name and address for the account: Other data:
Opal d.o.o.
Sveti Duh 274
4220 Škofja Loka
Tax no.: 33897441
VAT Reg. No.: SI33897441
Registry no.: 5466032
Basic capital: 175.263,01 €
Srg: 2004/01606
No. of insert: 1/01960/00
Manager: Edo Cof, Andreja Cof Ahačič

The company is registered at the regional court in Kranj.

Transaction account:

Raiffeisen banka d.d.: SI56 2440 1900 4420 831 BIC: KREKSI22

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